Lead is commonly found as the roofing material of choice for older ancient buildings. It is used for multiple purposes from flashing to flat roofs, gutters, valleys, water hoppers and downspouts. Lead is one of the first metals to have been smelted and it is thought that lead was first mined as far back as 6500bc.

A Goldie Roofing are proficient in all types of leadwork and have been working on lead roofs since the inception of the company. We are able to help with your lead roof regardless of whether you are a domestic or commercial customer. The main areas which A Goldie Roofing cover for leadwork are Airdrie, Coatbridge and the Central Belt.

Leadwork Expertise

In order to work with lead it requires a lot of expertise and training. It can be very detailed and a good understanding of lead roofing systems is required. With vast amounts of experience in working with lead, A Goldie Roofing are able to provide assistance with anything from lead sheet panels to lead welding and bossing.

Lead roofs can ensure maximum durability for your roofing system. Furthermore, they also require less maintenance and upkeep as they are specially designed to last for approximately 100 years.

We always approach lead work systematically and take extra care when planning our work. This allows us to keep costs low and reduces the margin for error. We are fully proficient and competent at working with lead and their associated roofing systems and would love to hear from you if you have a potential issue with your lead roof. Even if you require simple advice, we urge you to get in contact and have a discussion with one of our experienced tradesmen who can assist you further with your query.